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1st Kroger ClickList Order

Where have you been all my adult life??

What would have taken me 2+ hours in the store and a lot of stress took about all of 20 mins and I’m done. If you haven’t tried Kroger clicklist you should! First 3 orders are free and after is only $4.95.

Pictured below is a month worth of groceries to coordinate with the month worth of meals I mapped out this past week. $350 (including non food items) for this haul and that leaves me with $60 a week for 3 of the 4 weeks to get additional fresh fruit, veggies, bread, milk, deli meat, etc.

Our goal is to eat at home and save as much as possible each month to go in our family vacation fund because we have 3 big trips planned for this year coming up and don’t want to use any of our savings.

Now I just have to unload and put away everything. 😂

Originally posted 1/26/18

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