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Budget Friendly Cakes I’ve Made 🍰

img_4194It was around 10 years ago after my daughter’s 2nd birthday when I realized store bought cakes weren’t worth what we were paying for them.

So I decided I would attempt to make the next birthday cake. (You also have to keep in mind this was before Pinterest existed so I had no help there! 😂)

Over the years some have gone to plan… while others, not so much. But it’s been a fun, interesting experience along the way. Here are some that I could find pictures for.

First Cake I ever made/created was for my daughters 3rd birthday Then later that year my son’s 1st birthday cake and smash cake

Lightning McQueen & Mater

Curious George

Can’t forget her Tinkerbell obsession phase in 2010 while we were on vacation at the beachMy husband’s birthday cupcakes 😉 2011

As simple as his cake may have been his face says it all. 😍 – 2011This was actually the 2nd castle I had to make the night before her party.

The first one toppled over… 😩 2011The beautiful cake that got destroyed 2 1/2 hours before the party… 2012

Landon’s Halloween themed 5th birthday party (that he was sick during 🤢) in 2013

Christmas tree cupcakes 2015

Peppa Pig “Muddy Puddles” Cake – 2017

My dad’s Cake this past year

Super Simple, but delicious

Shopkins Cupcakes 2017

My niece’s wedding cupcakes – 2017

So the moral of the story is…

JUST Make the CaKe! It doesn’t have to be perfect. 🤪 As long as it tastes good kids will love it no matter what it looks like.💕

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