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Cutting Birthday Party Costs

With our family we tend to have a bunch of birthday parties throughout the year. Just this past weekend we celebrated our youngest daughter’s 4th birthday.

She is obsessed with Skye from Paw Patrol 🐾 so this is her cake I made at midnight. It was far from perfect but tasted really good and the kids enjoyed it.

Birthday balloons have always been a tradition in our house. It also helps you can get them at Dollar Tree. 🎈

This year we had her party at Chuck E Cheese or better known as “Chuckie Cheeze Its”. We usually try to have parties at places that are free or cheap. (Like our house, neighborhood clubhouse, church building, the park, rock slide, etc. to keep the cost down) But she was adamant about having it at Chuckie Cheeze Its for about 4 months.

And as sweet as that little girl can be, we couldn’t say no. 😉

To help offset some of the costs of the party I made the goodie bags and cake.

I spent $11 at Dollar Tree and was able to make 12 goodie bags. Which came out to only .92 cents a bag. 👍🏻

Dollar Tree has to be my favorite place for party supplies. You can find all the paper products you need (plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils), decorations (streamers, banners, confetti, balloons), cake supplies (candles, cake mix, frosting, cupcake liners), items for goodie bags, arts and crafts, games, and gifts for a birthday party.

We also try to save money by making our own food/snacks if possible. We recently went to a friend’s birthday party from church and they had a Taco Bar set up. It was GREAT. 😱 🌮

Will definitely keep that in mind for future party planning.

I also keep and reuse the gift bags and tissue paper the presents come in. I have a whole cabinet full of birthday, baby shower, and Christmas gift bags.

And if you need a birthday card (or any kind of card) Definitely keep in mind you can super cute ones from Dollar Tree. Some you can get 2 for $1!

🎉 🎉🎉 🎉 🎉

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