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What’s the Quickest Way to Derail a Meal Challenge??

When the Mom (aka Head Chef) gets food poisoning and/or stomach virus. 🤢

It was a loooooong, miserable 24 hours but it’s safe to say I’m on the mend. 🙏🏻

I always joke that “Moms don’t get sick days” which is typically true, but I had to take a full on sick day yesterday. I couldn’t hardly move let alone get anyone ready for church, make breakfast or anything else to do with the Sunday morning rush.

Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who stepped up to the plate and took care of everyone and everything that needed to be done.

But the Worst part was it was my daughter’s 12th birthday…

Of course she was understanding that I couldn’t go to her family birthday lunch, but it still broke my heart I couldn’t celebrate with her on her birthday. 😞

But anyways, I will get back on the Dinner Challenge train as soon as our house is completely healthy again. My husband did make me some chicken noodle soup last night. 💕

I don’t think that counts towards the Challenge, but Definitely earned him some ⭐️Gold⭐️Stars⭐️ with me.


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