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Kroger Digital Deals 🤩

90 items for $88.50!kroger deal

This Kroger trip was solely for stock purposes because the deals were too good to pass up.

All but 2 items pictured had a Kroger digital coupon and most you could use up to 5 times.

The Breakdown (After Digital Coupons):

5 Apple juices (.89 each)

5 boxes of instant oatmeal (.99 each)

5 boxes of pancake mix ($1.19 each)

5 boxes of fruit snacks (.99 each)

3 cans of Kroger diced tomatoes and green chilies (.33 each)

2 cans of Kroger petite diced tomatoes

5 jars of baby food (.43 each)

2 containers of Kroger natural sour cream (.70 each)

3 containers of Kroger low-fat cottage cheese (.70 each)

2 packages of Kroger maple sausage patties ($1.74 each)

3 – 10 oz packages of Kroger raw wild caught peeled and deveined shrimp ($2.99 each)

3 bags of Kroger cinnamon raisin bagels ($1.10 each)

2 bags of Kroger Everything bagels ($1.10 each)

3 Kroger Orange Juices ($1.74 each)

1 gallon of Kroger whole milk ($2.79)

5 Handi-foil roasting aluminum pans (FREE)

5 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta (.49 each)

5 boxes of Ronzoni Veggie Pasta (.49 each)

5 boxes of Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta (.49 each)

5 boxes of Ronzoni Whole Grain Pasta (.49 each)

5 – 72 count Comfort baby wipes (.99 each)

1 – 72 count Pampers baby wipes ($1.19)

5 packs of Kroger brand pads ($1.19 each)

4 – 12 packs Kroger brand soft drinks ($2 each)

1 pack of Iced cinnamon rolls – Manager’s Special 🤪 ($1.99)

*I can’t stress enough the importance of checking your receipt when using digital coupons.*

I quickly noticed that the roasting pan coupons didn’t come off like it should have. If I hadn’t noticed, something that should have been completely free actually cost me $5. 🧐 I took my receipt up to customer service and they reimbursed me the $5. After further reviewing my receipt I noticed where some of the pasta and baby wipe digital coupons didn’t come off. So I was reimbursed an additional $4.

Now I have the fun task of putting everything away… 😉

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