30 Day Dinner Challenge: #13

Tonight I kept it simple because I’m tired.

Maple Sausage and Scrambled Egg Tortilla Wraps

sausage wrao

COST: $5

Some ate their wraps with ketchup and hot sauce.

Some just had scrambled eggs with cheese and ketchup.

Then we had one who just wanted a tortilla with melted cheese. Better known as “cheesy rollups” around here.

(Which happens to be my picky 4 year old’s favorite. 😉)

I personally enjoyed leftover Potluck Pasta from lunch today. 😇

I used the farm fresh eggs we got from our friends’ chickens and after having to clean them to use them, I wasn’t exactly hungry to eat them… 😂

Oh well.  Everyone is fed and happy so that’s all that matters!

Dinner Challenge:

13 down – 17 to go

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