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Chicken Cacciatore (Freezer Meal)

*Makes 2 freezer bags*Cost: @$13 for 2 Meals plus pasta and Ziploc bags 3 lb bag of frozen chicken breasts 3 jars of spaghetti sauce 2 onions (chopped) 2 bell peppers (chopped) ½ tablespoon garlic powder (per bag) ½ tablespoon Italian seasoning (per bag) 2 boxes of pasta 2 gallon size freezer Ziploc bags Ingredients… Continue reading Chicken Cacciatore (Freezer Meal)

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30 Day Dinner Challenge: #4

I'm back on track after a rough day yesterday. 🙌🏻 Going with simple and filling tonight so Chicken Pot Pies! 🥧 COST: @$9 for TWO pies and tomato slices (And more than enough for lunch tomorrow) Deep dish frozen pie crusts (includes 2) $1.99 Pie crusts (includes 2) $1.69 2 cans of reduced sodium cream… Continue reading 30 Day Dinner Challenge: #4

budget friendly, chicken, crock pot, food, freezer meals, Meal Planning, recipe

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas (Freezer Meal Option)

These always turn out super yummy. 🌮 3 lbs Frozen boneless chicken breasts 1 Bell pepper 1 Onion 1 packet taco seasoning optional: 1/2 packet Ranch seasoning Place frozen chicken in the crockpot Add seasonings Cook 4 - 5 hours on low Add vegetables - cook additional 2 hours Top with Mexican cheese, sour cream,… Continue reading Crockpot Chicken Fajitas (Freezer Meal Option)

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Finalized Meal Plan & Aldi Haul 😎

After taking inventory of our fridge, pantry, and freezer yesterday I realize I wasn't going to need a large ClickList order next week like I had anticipated. (YAY!) So instead, I made a list of all the meals I already had on hand, which ended up being like 12. (Thanks to me slacking on cooking… Continue reading Finalized Meal Plan & Aldi Haul 😎

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Crockpot Ranch Chicken & Veggies

(This chicken is fall off the fork tender) COST: @$10 I used: 4 large chicken breasts 8 potatoes 1 bag of baby carrots 1 carton white mushrooms 16 oz sour cream 1 cup milk 2 packets of ranch seasoning Peel, wash, and cut potatoes Add chicken to crock pot and 1 packet of ranch seasoning… Continue reading Crockpot Ranch Chicken & Veggies

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Jalapeño Popper Chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 2 jalapeños, remove seeds and chop 1 large egg 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, room temperature 3/4 cup breadcrumbs 1/2 cup shredded mexican cheese 2 teaspoons unsalted butter 1 Tablespoon taco seasoning Salt & pepper Preheat oven to 375º F Grease baking dish with nonstick spray Melt butter in… Continue reading Jalapeño Popper Chicken

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Southwestern Quesadillas

Southwestern Quesadillas This is what you end up making when taco soup goes wrong, But it was really good!! 1 can black beans 1 can diced tomatoes and chilies 1 can corn 1 can Chicken 1 packet taco seasoning 1/2 packet ranch dressing mix 2 cup water or chicken broth Quesadilla: Flour tortillas Mexican style shredded… Continue reading Southwestern Quesadillas