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30 Day Dinner Challenge: #17

Ran out of bacon so went with good ol' Spam and maple sausage. 👍🏻 It definitely wasn't pizza but no complaints from the family. 😎 Dinner Challenge: 17 down - 13 to go Be sure to check out my Home Page for more posts! Get $20 free groceries Plus 2 weeks free membership just for… Continue reading 30 Day Dinner Challenge: #17

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Kroger Digital Coupon Deals: Part 2 🤩

Stocked up again on some Kroger digital coupon deals Saturday. I ended up getting 7 packs of flour tortillas for completely Free plus got paid $1.30 to take 5 aluminum pans. How you ask?Well, the tortillas were on sale for .99 cents and there was a digital Kroger coupon for .50 cents off. Which was… Continue reading Kroger Digital Coupon Deals: Part 2 🤩